Professional Liability Insurance for Guild Members


information collated by Leila Malcolm & Caroline Scott


To be a practising member of the Guild you have to provide the Guild with a copy of a current certificate of Professional insurance cover. We know of three insurance brokers that Guild members have found useful.

Arthur J Gallagher (formerly Giles)
12 Poverest Road, Orpington BR5 2TP
Tel: 01689 877 800
Fax: 0870 608 5495

Members of the Guild have used the cover offered by this insurance broker for over ten years. They offer cover under a group policy, which includes The Feldenkrais Method. It does have some personal cover too, which may or not be useful to you. The account handler for our category is Wendy Stokes; direct dial 01689 885 822. Current costis approximately £120.

Towergate Professional Risks
Kings Court, London Road, STEVENAGE SG1 2GA
Tel: 0330 123 5048

Some members use Towergate Professional Risks, who also offer cover in a group policy. It used to be slightly cheaper than Arthur J Gallagher, but they are about the same price now. The coverage is slightly different though; you may want to compare the fine print.

Balens Ltd
Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern WR14 2TA
Tel: 01684 893 006
Fax: 01684 891 361

Balens is a more recent addition, contact them for more info.

Members have asked if it is possible to pay the premium monthly by standing order. Neither broker will accept payment by instalments for this fee. They require it to be paid in full, in one payment.

If you already have professional indemnity insurance for another therapy or form of teaching, do contact your present insurance broker as this may also cover the Feldenkrais Method or you may be able to add it on for a small fee.

If you have insurance cover through another policy do let the Guild know about it. It may provide more or cheaper cover.