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Maggy Burrowes

Feldenkrais Training: London 1990
126B Drakefell Road SE14 5SQ
• 07976 640 737 or 020 7642 1457


Classes: Online, plus Tuesday afternoons & Thursday evenings, Telegraph Hill, New Cross Gate, SE14
Workshops: Online, plus Sundays in Brockley SE4
Individual lessons: Online, plus Telegraph Hill SE14, and I am also happy to make home visits
I have been teaching classes and workshops in the Method since 1989; my clients are very varied in age and experience, and they come to me with a wide variety of issues. I am a singer and I also specialise in Potent Voice training, a Feldenkrais-based vocal method of my own devising. For this reason I often find myself working with actors, singers, musicians and other performers. As my understanding of the centrality of the voice for human health and functioning grows my focus has expanded into working with chronic pain and anxiety issues, and there is much more information about this on my website, including details of my newest course Quintessensual Consciousness Training.
I have a dedicated studio at home, and I am very easy to reach by public transport in London.
For full information do have a look at my website: www.maggyburrowes.com – click on the 'Working With Maggy' drop-down menu and you will find all the details you need about my private practice, classes, and workshops, and how to train with me online.
I first became interested in the work of Moshe Feldenkrais in 1986, after many years studying movement, particularly Tai Chi, and Martha Graham-based dance. I was fortunate to join the first British Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme in 1987, and to experience the individual training styles of many of Moshe's original team of trainers, including Chava Shelhav, Myriam Pfeffer, Ruthy Alon, Jerry Karzen, and Yochanan Rywerant, plus one of his closest collaborators, Anat Baniel, all presided over by Russell Delman.
I began teaching Awareness Through Movement myself in 1989, graduated in 1990, and I have been teaching Feldenkrais Functional Integration, and Feldenkrais-based voice work, both privately, and in colleges, universities and adult education centres in the UK and abroad, ever since. I am still involved in UK training programmes as an experienced practitioner, giving individual lessons to trainee teachers for Garet Newell's Sussex-based training programmes.
Since qualifying, my ongoing project has been to develop a comprehensive awareness-based voice and singing teaching system, using the Feldenkrais approach. To this end I have researched and incorporated many science-based voice training strategies into my practice. Feldenkrais Potent Voice is the culmination of my years of teaching experience, my ongoing research, and the development and expansion of my own vocal performance abilities.
I am now putting together a system on the theme of developing a Potent Inner Voice, steadily honing a Feldenkrais-focussed bodymindfulness process with the intention of helping those–like myself–who recognise the benefits of meditation but struggle to achieve a stable state of inner quiet and calm. These practices are easy to learn, and beneficial for anyone with issues with chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue and/or chronic pain.
My ongoing intention is to encourage a self-healing, self-developing, self-maturing ability that will continue to benefit my collaborators for the rest of their lives, in exactly the way that my personal Feldenkrais practice has benefitted me.