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Victoria Worsley

MA Hons (Literae Humaniores)
Feldenkrais Training: Lewes 2007
32 Clovelly Road, Crouch End
• 07711 088 765


Classes: Monday 7.30pm, Tuesday 7.45pm and Friday 12.30pm in London N8 and N4
Workshops: 4-6 a year in London mostly close to Euston Station; quarterly at City Lit London WC2. also workshops for runners or actors as invited!
Individual lessons: London N8
My current practice is very diverse: I have been working with runners, fitness instructors and martial artists; with actors, performers, singers and movement directors; with children with cerebral palsy and those of any age who would like to find a better way to deal with the challenges of (eg) RSI, ME, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke and strains or pain of all sorts. Some wish to deepen their own awareness practices or explore the somatic aspects of emotional issues. Many come from very different walks of life and simply want a better quality of life and to keep doing the things they enjoy through middle and older age. I also work in theatre and drama school contexts (My book 'Feldenkrais for Actors' was published by Nick Hern Books in Nov 2016) – and I very much welcome opportunities for new experiences too.
I first found out about the Feldenkrais Method when I was 17 on a drama training in Paris. The movement teacher, Monika Pagnuex, had known Moshe Feldenkrais himself and her teaching was extremely closely related. I had been a fairly sporty kid but I will never forget the experience. It was like being plugged in: I could really feel what I was doing for what seemed like the first time. And I discovered the pleasure in moving doing the simplest things – just for its own sake. I stayed in touch with the Method on and off after that and it never left me. It just seemed to inform everything I did. Then some twenty years of University, performing, theatre-making, movement directing, one child and a knee-injury later (plus a side-interest in psychotherapy) I found myself wanting to do the full Feldenkrais training. I originally thought of it as a tool for the movement work I was doing with other actors in the theatre, but I rapidly found it opened up a much wider and very interesting world to explore and engage in too. You will see that my practice is very wide-ranging these days which includes my experiences in psychotherapy and as a mother – and also now as a barefoot runner and 2nd dan black belt in Goju Ryu Karate (with the EGKA/IOGKF).