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Naomi Sato

massage, craniosacral , reflexology (feet and face),facial
Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2018

• 07775 688 246


Classes: Friday Zoom online
Individual lessons: home visit or we can arrange the place
people with any ages and any condition comes to myclass Anyone is welcome
I am a mind body life connection coach over 15 years now. I offer any sort of massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology (foot and facial) EFT, NLP, MIND BODY EXERCISE I love working body-mind people. That will teach me a lot of things. My first experience of Feldenkrais was 8 years ago. I was suffering from my shoulder ache as well as my hip problem. I tried yoga, pilates so on which are great but did not help me to ease my pain. My feldenkrais teacher insisted to come to her class which was magical. very interesting and educational. I fell in love and though I had to learn this. it took me 7 years to complete as I had a break from maternity period but my passion of this method did not disappear Even though I completed the training but my really feldenkrais journey as just begun. I am looking forward to working with you all.