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Lou Coleman

Feldenkrais Training: London 2015

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Workshops: Monthly Saturdays afternoon, Brixton London
Individual lessons: Monthly Friday evenings & Sundays, Shoreditch, London
I teach a regular public Feldenkrais schedule, including workshops and individual sessions. I hugely enjoy building a lively practice that includes people of all abilities, access needs, ages and backgrounds.
People who attend my public timetable range from students, to young professionals and Monday-Friday workers, to senior citizens, all interested in finding better ways to move.
In my individual sessions, I work with a similar diverse mix. From wheelchair dancers, to people with chronic pain, and those with everyday requests for more comfortable movement.
Everyone I work with in my practice benefits from the positive impact Feldenkrais can have on emotional and physical wellbeing.
With an extensive background of working with children and adults on the autistic spectrum and with complex disabilities in education and charities, I am extremely keen in Feldenkrais for these specific groups. I very much welcome children in my practice and enjoy working with them.
Advanced Training: Feldenkrais for special needs children. Taught by Feldenkrais Trainer Arlyn Zones.
As a Feldenkrais Practitioner I enjoy bringing all my previous experiences of working in a variety of sectors including, care and family support, charity organisations with vulnerable young people, and in mainstream and special educational settings as a senior support assistant. Alongside this mix I have enjoyed working as a artists and in project management, working across the mainstream and disabled- led arts sectors.
Alongside being a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK, I was an active member of its board and co-manganed the Guild's social media, 2015-18. I've previously held the role of International Rep.