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Iraina Clarke

MEd Psychology & Special Education;
Dip Dance/Movement Therapy

Feldenkrais Training: Lewes 2007
Rose Cottage, Ragnall Lane
Walkley Wood, NAILSWORTH GL6 0RU
• 01453 832 027 or 07592 831 344


Classes: Bristol, Nailsworth & Stroud
Workshops: Occasional Saturdays at Hawkwood College, Stroud & as advertised
Individual lessons: Nailsworth & Stroud
I run group sessions in Feldenkrais practice – awareness through movement at the Cotswold Health Clinic, Stroud and the Relaxation Centre, Bristol. I give Individual sessions in Nailsworth & Stroud too. I work with a range of people dealing with particular difficulties such as: multiple sclerosis, breathing difficulties, hemiplegia, fibromyalgia, hip & back pain and those wishing to improve posture. I adopt an individual approach to sessions & adapt my practice to suit particular needs.
The Feldenkrais Method came to my attention some years ago after doing Dance/Movement therapy training in London and in Bristol whilst very involved in other forms of Dance. In my work as a teacher/therapist I became particularly interested in developmental movement & learning in children & adults and this clearly linked to the Feldenkrais Method. I found Awareness through Movement lessons improved my dancing and this intrigued me as to how this could be so. After a spell of performing then working in arts development in education & development work in social care, I moved location from the city and had a child, whilst continuing in development & training of staff in Social Care. When contemplating the future, to my surprise Feldenkrais sprang to mind. The possibility of working through movement with individuals and groups resonated with the teaching & learning that I had been engaged in 15 years earlier. The Feldenkrais training was a fascinating, frustrating and fulfilling insight into learning how to learn.