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Josephine Horder

I am an Associate of the Royal College of Music (Teacher), I studied for three years at that Conservatoire, and then continued my performance studies in Salzburg and Dusseldorf.
Feldenkrais Training: London 2015
1 Pendley Bridge Cottages, Tring Station, TRING HP23 5QU
• 01442 822 732 or 07740 422 807


Classes: Mondays 2-3 zoom, Wednesdays 11-12 zoom, Thursdays 2-3 The Iron Room Tring Station.
Individual lessons: Functional Integration lessons in Tring Station, or online, by appointment at mutually agreeable times.
My Awareness Through Movement classes are suitable for anyone who has a wish to explore and discover their potential for learning and improvement. The atmosphere is welcoming, calm, non-judgmental and non-competitive, giving you the opportunity to experience yourself from the inside out through slowly paced gentle movements. ATM can be remarkably empowering: participants typically feel taller, lighter, better balanced, more integrated and through regular participation, over time, movement and function in everyday life can become easier. For both classes and individual lessons I welcome clients of all ages, stages, conditions and backgrounds. I am also keen to exploit my experience as a cellist in helping musicians, whatever their instrument, to play with more ease, both individually in FI and in workshop situations.  
Until 2013 my career has been as a performing cellist and cello teacher. I decided to train as a Feldenkrais practitioner because I was amazed by the seemingly magical effect on my playing: just a few individual Functional Integration lessons liberated my potential for expressing myself as a musician and also for developing and improving my technique on my instrument. Now that I am a practitioner myself, that process is ongoing, so that I am able to tackle challenges that I had previously assumed were beyond me. Moreover, I experience amazing beneficial effects in all aspects of my life, not only in cello playing. I am constantly adjusting and expanding the image I hold of myself, my talents and my capacities. My confidence and sense of potential keep on growing. Although in my mid sixties, in some respects I feel I am getting younger. Moshe Feldenkrais said: “Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy – elegant.” Day after day, in everything I do, this aspiration is becoming my experience. It is an aspiration and experience available to all.
“It has done me more good than I imagined it would! I stood for two hours in an exhibition without problems yesterday.”
"Jo is a brilliant Feldenkrais teacher and her lessons were incredibly informative and beneficial to the way I play the cello and my ease of movement during everyday life. I would recommend her one to one lessons to anyone – musician or not!"  Jonah Spindel cellist Royal Academy of Music