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Paola Ferretti-Johnson

Feldenkrais Practitioner
Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2016
48 Priory Avenue, LONDON W4 1TY
• 020 3184 2001 or 07515 852 265

Classes: The Priory 48 Priory Avenue London W4 1TY
Individual lessons: The Priory 48 Priory Avenue London W4 1TY
I have always had a passion for movement and have practised yoga fo over 20 years. On discovering the Pilates method to rehabilitate from a knee injury I decided to qualify as a teacher. I have since established and refined my teaching skills and after completing my diploma in the Feldenkrais Method I have also qualified in the Franklin Method Level 1, which uses dynamic imagery and anatomical embodiment to create lasting positive changes in the body-mind. My aim is to raise awareness of how we move and function. I encourage the experience of new possibilities of movement that will enhance many aspects of everyday life resulting in a concrete and efficient way to greater vitality and well being.