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Craig Rebuck

Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2018
North West London
• 020 7424 8540 or 07831 708 050


Classes: Classes Fridays, 10 am to 11 am
Individual lessons: Fi's available by appointment
What has fascinated me in this work is that “simple” really is the “elusive obvious.” When I started, the harder I tried, the less I was able to understand. It was frustrating and difficult at first, because I was trying to master it like I would any other goal or task. Letting go of my goal-orientated principles was (and sometimes still is) difficult and yet when I do so, I feel easier and lighter within myself, and my movements become less rigid and flow with greater ease. Facilitating healing by helping people let go of harmful habits and expectations is highly attractive and satisfying work. Moshe Feldenkrais is gone now, but he left behind a legacy of dedicated practitioners and a body of work that enable us to explore our own inner experience of self-awareness through a series of 'Awareness Through Movement' lessons or individual one to one 'Functional Integration' work.