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Paolo Maccagno

anthropologist, marathoner
Feldenkrais Training: Milano-Levico 2015
23 Scolty Place, AB31 5WA Banchory - Scotland
• +447795101173

Classes: Monday and Thursday, Banchory and Aberdeenshire
Workshops: Sundays, monthly, Banchory
I teach Feldenkrais to all kinds of people (elders, artists, dancers, all age) in different contexts (classes, workshops, university) as a somatic educational method.
PhD Anthropology – Feldenkrais practitioner – marathoner.
After 15 years as a landscape architect, my ongoing life- research concentrates into the notion of limit focusing on movement, body and touch. My way of understanding Feldenkrais valorises an educational approach connected to a limit-experience which opens an existential space of freedom. I consider it a philosophical practice of care of the self.