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Ana Stojadinovic

MSc Light and Lighting Dip Arch Eng
Feldenkrais Training: London 2020
Camden London NW1 7EA
• 07891 543 943

Classes: Weekly online group classes - Tuesday morning 10am and Wednesday evening 6.30pm. Weekly in-person classes - Thursday 1pm at Working Men’s College Camden, enrol via www.wmcollege.ac.uk.
Individual lessons: One-to-one lessons by arrangement.
The Feldenkrais Method addresses fundamental properties of human being and can benefit anyone and everyone.  In a continuous process of learning, each of us will experience it in a different way, depending on our own unique personal structure, inherent inclinations and history. Safe, non-strenuous and effective, the Feldenkrais Method improves comfort and function by engaging the power of the brain.
It is a method of somatic education, a mindful movement practice, and not easily comparable with anything else around. I always say the best way to explain what it is, is to have a person experience it in a class or a lesson.
Everyone is welcome. Broadly beneficial and appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. No previous knowledge or experience needed.
I discovered Feldenkrais by chance, led by curiosity, and from my first class I was fascinated. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before – so effective and yet so gentle and considerate movement practice. Each weekly class left me with profound and immediate effects on how I stand, move and feel, eliminating sedentary lifestyle associated discomforts in my back, neck and shoulders. It made everything I do, easier and more comfortable.
Quite quickly I decided to enrol on a four year long professional training in London, which enabled me to experience the method in much more depth. The initial immediate benefits, experienced when I first encountered the method, continue to be complemented by others, more gradual and cumulative, further enriching my personal and professional life.
I am an architect specialized in lighting and I run an independent architectural lighting design practice in London, Syntax Lighting. Whilst at first glance unrelated, I find that many concepts I consider essential for high quality lighting design practice – such as integration, coordination, orientation, attention to detail, sensitivity to noticing differences, interrelatedness and wholeness, and above all human need, perception and response – are also some of the key principles in understanding, experiencing and practising the Feldenkrais Method!
Maintaining an ever-inquisitive personal practice I continue to be fascinated by the method. It is exciting to have an opportunity to assist people discover some of the benefits for themselves.