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Thomas Wiedmer

Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2021
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I first discovered the Feldenkrais Method as a teenager when I took part in a week long workshop together with my dad. After a gripping couple of days of ‘Awareness through Movement’ lessons our pains had gone, it unravelled a mental opening and I recognised that Feldenkrais is what I want to do. I continued with further workshops including ‘Running with Feldenkrais’ and regular classes which where a great support especially in difficult life situations.
22 years from my first Feldenkrais experience I shall graduate from ‘Sussex 10’ professional training programme.
In-between I worked as an architect, moved to Bristol / UK and formed a family, always keeping Feldenkrais as part of life as I know that I can ground myself within the given circumstances using Feldenkrais techniques.
I do Feldenkrais…