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Jenny Hill

PGCE, MA(Dist) University of Roehampton, JKA Working with Children with Special Needs
Feldenkrais Training: Lewes 2012
36 Curtis Field Rd
• 07929 907 007


Classes: Apothecary Natural Health Centre, Hammersmith W6 8NH. Wednesday 1-2pm
Workshops: Saturdays, Fitzrovia W1T2AG, Clapham Common, Lavender Hill
Individual lessons: Streatham Hill and Holland Park
I work with all people of all walks of life, including children and young people.
I practice the Feldenkrais Method in London. I trained as a professional dancer and still work as a performer and choreographer. See www.jennyhilldance.com. When I started taking Feldenkrais classes I began to move differently, with greater ease and fullness – and my injury at that time subsided. I was amazed by what was happening to me, and even after years of training and dance technique, I saw immediately that this was giving me a new understanding of the way I moved and danced. At the same time a new understanding about myself in other areas of life began to change – my thinking, ideas, emotions, and how I related to other people and events Deciding to train to be a practitioner has been a great and fulfilling step. I've practiced many different movement methods, but the Feldenkrais Method is for me the most unique, empowering, simple and extraordinary. I feel very fortunate to have come across it. Although the method addresses primarily the physical body and the way our bodies move, it also profoundly affects (and addresses indirectly) the way we handle situations, the way we think, feel, and act -enabling us to be more potent, vibrant and confident human beings. This is for me very important. I have recently completed the JKA programme in Germany.This is a 1 year course specialising in work with special needs children. This is a course designed and developed by Jeremy Krauss who trained with Dr Moshe Feldenkrais. The JKA programme is an extension and development of some of the methodology of the Feldenrkais work.