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Rainer Knupp

BA, New Dance Development
Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2008
26 C Arbuthnot Road
New Cross Gate
• 07716 959 541
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• www.movementpotential.co.uk

Individual lessons: Health in the City, 65 London Wall, Room 57, London EC2M 5TU
My practice is at Health in the City near Liverpool Street Station, a health centre for alternative therapies in the City of London. Clients come for many different reasons, and it is important for me to understand each one's individual reasons for wanting to work with movement so I can help them to achieve their goals. The method can help to improve movement, posture and well-being in daily life in general, as well as to help artists and sportspeople with the specific skills they need.
My background is in dance and choreography, where I have a wide range of experience in different approaches, both traditional and contemporary. I was always interested in finding out more about this tantalizing subject of movement and was very keen to find my own way of moving and dancing. When I came across the Feldenkrais Method, I was fascinated by the way the method invited me to learn new movements and at the same time made me aware of my thinking process. The relationship between moving and thinking is crucial and elusive at the same time. A few years ago I started working with children and adults with disabilities. These experiences were, and are, very rewarding on many different levels. Every person is unique and brings a very personal story from which I can learn and transform – a wonderful and rewarding process.