Listen to lessons

Every year, our teachers teach and record a lesson especially for International Feldenkrais Week. You can find them all here to stream (listen to) or download for your personal use and to share with friends or family.

They are not for commercial use – thank you.

New lessons coming soon for 2022!

International Feldenkrais Week celebrations (5th – 11th September)

It’s not long to wait now for our new lessons to be launched on this page and in our social media accounts. We hear how popular these are, so make sure to look out for them – whether to stream or save.

We hope you join us every day for a full week’s worth of sensory movement lessons You will experience the transformative power of the Feldenkrais Method to move with more ease and keep grounded and calm amidst the bustle of your everyday life.

It is very simple to do the lessons. Some lessons are done lying down, some in other positions, like sitting. All you need is a space you can be comfortable. Press play. Listen to the teacher and you will be guided about how to follow along with the slow, gentle movement explorations.

Each day during the week, check back here to find the new daily lesson.

New articles coming soon!

We will also include some fascinating articles to give you a peep into the practitioner’s mindset and aims when they put their lesson together.

Join our live online Feldenkrais Festival (Sun 11th September)

Best of all – this year there will be a *live* online festival for you to join in with.

We will host three 90-minute sessions throughout the day. You will be welcome to come to one or all.

In each session, experience two mini Awareness Through Movement lessons from two different teachers. You will also be able to hear a panel discuss this transformative method and take part in Q&As. All the lessons will be suitable for beginners and for any age and ability.

Sign up NOW for the free online festival.

Finding a lesson to suit

To find a lesson to suit you, first click to choose which year you want to explore. You will see the list of lessons from that year. Each lesson has a descriptive name, its duration and the position(s) for doing the lesson.

Feeling is believing

Feeling is believing. So, don’t just listen. Please follow along and do the lesson’s movements at the same time. For tips on doing the lessons, read this piece from senior trainer Scott Clark.

Full catalogue of audio files

Title/Author/Duration/Position Position

Movements of the pelvis for effortless skiing

Catherine McCrum
14:27 minutes
Sit (chair), Stand

Easier front crawl swimming

Barbara McCrea
20:34 minutes
On back, On front, On side

Shift your weight evenly for running

Jae Gruenke
19:51 minutes
Sit (chair), Stand

Striding out

Joy Morris
14:30 minutes
Sit (chair), Stand

Feet Propelling Into Action (Rock Climbing)

Judit Meixner
18:43 minutes
All fours, On back, On front, Stand

Freedom in the Pelvis (for Horse Riders)

Vreni Booth
20:18 minutes
On back, Sit (chair), Stand

Hips and round kicks

Victoria Worsley
19:55 minutes
On side, Sit (chair), Stand

Four points, extreme Feldenkrais for tennis

Melinda Glenister
20:47 minutes
All fours, On back, Stand