Susan Martle

Feldenkrais Training: London 2020
Classes: Online, on Zoom, contact for details


All kinds of people come to my classes; particularly people with limited mobility related to age or injury and those suffering from stress.

It's a welcoming and non-judgemental group.

Do please get in touch to discuss whether Feldenkrais could help you.


I am interested in movement, moving better, moving easily through life. I have been practising tai chi for 25 years and qualified as a teacher in 2005. My interest in Feldenkrais started as a way to improve my tai chi but over time has developed into so much more.

For me, the key difference that Feldenkrais has brought to my life is learning how to change. Some of the changes are in my body so I now move more easily than before. But there are deeper changes too – I feel that I am shedding habits that have held me back from being my best self.

And I procrastinate less! Which is both unexpected and a complete delight.