Advanced Trainings

On this page you can see details of Advanced Trainings for practitioners. These are privately organised, not Guild-organised events – for Guild days and FGUK trainings please see the calendar of events.

Advanced Training with Shelagh O’Neill in Bath

A Plan for FI

Saturday 1 June, 10am – 5.30pm

I would like to revisit the idea of “a plan for FI”. The more I think about it, the more interesting it gets!  Perhaps with personal reflection on our own styles, we can offer each other more width of how we think about this.

It may be useful, before you come, to examine how you decide. Maybe reflect on a few people you’re working with. Do you like to settle on an ATM based beginning, or do you prefer to wait until you have hands on, and see where that goes? Are there times when you are dissatisfied (in retrospect) with your FIs, and if so, how does the start lead to this, or to satisfaction?

If you’re not doing FIs a the moment, maybe think about someone you’ve noticed and imagine offering them an FI. How would you start? What plan would you have?

When I started this idea I wasn’t much aware of what I do. Paying attention has helped. I think we all have some kind of strategy and it’s useful to unpick it. And maybe that can bring more options.

This is open to fully-qualified practitioners and fourth-year students. Students may need to check with their Educational Director before enrolling.

Venue: The Main Hall, New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath BA1 6RA – Free parking here (in the surrounding streets is best – the car park has a 2- hour limit). Venue is a 30 minute walk from Bath Spa station. There are buses to Larkhall from the Bus Station.
Cost: £65 per day
Booking: Email Shelagh – . Please send £30 deposit (ask for bank details if necessary).

Advanced Training with Dwight Pargee

Developing Core Ability & Agility

4-7 July, 9.30am-4.30pm
The Isbourne Wellbeing Centre, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham GL50 1TH

Your pelvis provides the effective power behind virtually all your movements and actions. “Developing Your Core Ability & Agility” Feldenkrais lesson series is designed to help you improve and understand how you use your pelvis – the “power centre” of your body- to promote coordinated and efficient action, upright stability, better balance, and comfortable, easy action as well as improved self-organization.

Dwight Pargee presents a sophisticated Feldenkrais perspective on cultivating ‘core’ health. Knowing how to improve the neuromuscular organization of your pelvis in relation to the rest of your body can profoundly increase your sense of strength, structure, support, flexibility, balance, power, and energy.

These Awareness Through Movement lessons will help you notice habits of action and movement that ‘work against you’ and provide you with the means to replace those habits with more efficient, pleasant, and beneficial ways of moving. At the same time, we will be transferring those aspects to the Functional Integration practice, to continue developing skills to help your clientele improve their overall coordination, comfort, strength, and sense of well-being.


Dwight Pargee, MS, lives in Bend, Oregon, and has a varied personal practice clientele ranging from elite professional athletes, musicians, and actors to people with chronic pain issues, traumatic injuries, or those simply wanting to move and act more efficiently and gracefully. He has a special interest in dynamic balance and stability, applied biomechanics, and neuromuscular learning.

Dwight has studied the movement sciences, martial arts, and Zen meditation for the last 30 years and holds degrees in Exercise Science & Kinesiology; and is internationally certified as a Feldenkrais Movement Educator and an Assistant Trainer in Professional Training Programs as well being a Strength and Conditioning Performance Coach.

Check out Dwight’s Developing Your Core Ability & Agility ATM series, including a free lesson. Also an interview with Dwight.

TIMETABLE: 09:30am – 16.30 daily with one hour for lunch break. Tea and Coffee provided.
4 days tuition (24 hours total teaching time). A certificate of attendance will be provided.
PRICE: £300

Dwight will be available for private FI the day before on 3 July – these will be limited in number so please let me know ASAP if you’re interested. The cost will be £100.


Advanced Training with Olena Nitefor

Olena Nitefor

Get ready for some exciting news! We’re thrilled to share that the incredible Olena will be gracing London with her presence to share her phenomenal teaching and Feldenkrais (FI) skills.

Theme & Location: We’re currently cooking up a fantastic theme and looking for a location in London.
Time (tentative): 10.30am – 5.30pm
Capture the moment: Olena will be capturing the essence of her teachings by filming the FI practices and recording the ATM.
Tables: Tables are not provided. If you wish to work on one you will need to provide your own.
Fee: £420

For more about Olena and her teaching, check out the details below:

Olena Nitefor, M.Ed.  (GCFP since1987) maintains an active practice in Toronto. She has assisted through five trainings with diverse trainers and has taught close to 2,000 hours of advanced trainings and mentoring groups in Europe, the US and Canada. With her background in anatomy, dance and kinesiology, she brings experiential and conceptual anatomy into her teaching in innovative ways.  Her “Seeing and Sensing the Skeleton“ as well as “The Subjective Middle” videos have been a useful tool for many practitioners. Olena has been called a clear and creative thinker, a supportive teacher, and a forthright person. Olena’s creative curiosity and drive is in developing existing practitioners’ breadth, depth, understanding, skill and self experience.

Article published in In Touch with Olena.

Anatomy video with Olena: Skeletal anatomy. Small pelvis, narrow force vectors


“Olena’s workshops are wonderful.  I’ve attended every single one that she has done in the UK and find them so full and stimulating.  Her warmth, clarity and enthusiasm are boundless, which creates an extremely generous and comfortable learning environment.

In her unique ATM teaching, she uses imagery so cleverly and effectively that when we get to the FI practice it’s with a crystal clear understanding of the sensation we could be delivering to the person on the table.  As well as that, her knowledge of anatomy and her explanations of what we’re exploring are vivid and enthralling.  And then there’s the entirely attentive support she gives during the FI practice where you feel able to explore, get it wrong, talk about it, discover other strategies…. and learn.”    – Sophie Arditti, London UK


Super excited about the upcoming journey with fellow certified Feldenkrais practitioners. If you’re as curious as I am, drop me a line: