Cultivate Your Practice

One of the Guild’s aims is to provide its members with tools to reflect on their practice and development. “Cultivate Your Practice” workshops are based on the IFF Competency Profile and are recommended to practitioners at any stage in their career, as they can help re-evaluate their goals and skills. They are also intended to support recent graduates during the challenging transition period between being a student and finding their feet as a practitioner. They take place regularly throughout the year, both online and in person.

Upcoming workshops:

Cultivate Your Practice – 2024 Series

Online Workshops with Emma Alter

Sundays 10am-1pm28 July27 October

Are you just qualified or about to finish, and not sure what you already know, or where to start in building a practice? These sessions will help you think and work out what your next steps are.

If you’re a practitioner of longer standing, are you getting what you want from your practice?

  • Are you earning enough?
  • Happy with your clients?
  • Pleased with your class sizes?
  • Comfortable with your work-life balance?

If the answer’s ‘no’ to any of these questions, then these sessions are for you.

We’ll be working out what you need to do, together, to get more of what you want from your practice.

It’s easy to get stuck when we’re working on our own. Our own thinking habits come to bite us on the bottom! We’ve all got blind spots, and outside ears and eyes can help us move through our blocks to take action.

Benefits of coming to a session:

  • Get clarity on what you want to improve next
  • Improve your problem solving
  • Leave with easy clear steps to take at the end of the session
  • Accountability and friendly support. You’ll be working together with colleagues who understand your pains, and can help you work through your blocks.
    (NB: We’ll be using the Feldenkrais Competency Profile for structural analysis)

Cost: £5 Full Members; Free for Student Members

28 July:
27 October: