About FGUK

The Feldenkrais Guild UK is the non-profit professional organisation representing practitioners and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method® in the UK. The guild promotes awareness of the method amongst the general public and facilitates the continuing education of practitioners.

Assuring the quality of work and ethics of our members

In order to be a member of the guild practitioners must complete an internationally-recognised training programme over four years. They are fully insured and accountable to the guild’s Code of Ethics. Data privacy is guaranteed and handled according to the law. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Equality, diversity, inclusion and access (EDIA) statement

EDIA (equality, diversity, inclusion and access) encompasses a wide and evolving range of issues. The Feldenkrais Method has learning and exploration at its very heart and Feldenkrais practitioners bring their own knowledge, expertise, curiosity and passion for different aspects of EDIA. Alongside a clear commitment to comply with equalities law, the FGUK aims to grow in its understanding and integration of the issues involved in ensuring equality, diversity, inclusion and access for all, through harnessing the expertise and passions of its members and of those outside of the organisation. Society’s priorities and understanding of EDIA are evolving and it is a lifelong journey for the organisation and for individual practitioners to continue to bring our curiosity and commitment to this aspect of the work, in order to make our work as inclusive and accessible as possible.

The FGUK full EDIA policy can be found here.

Trade mark and logo

Feldenkrais Method® is the registered trademark of the Feldenkrais Guild UK Ltd, Reg No. 1563759.

The symbol “®” should appear prominently, and the statement of ownership by the Feldenkrais Guild UK Ltd must also be included.

International Feldenkrais Logo

The International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) is the owner of the International Feldenkrais logo.

In the UK, the logo is used by Guild members who are eligible to teach.

Constitution Feldenkrais Guild UK

Constitution Feldenkrais Guild UK (updated Oct 2022)

Please contact the membership administrator if you have any queries.