About Feldenkrais Guild UK

The Feldenkrais Guild UK is the non-profit professional organisation representing practitioners and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method® in the UK. The guild promotes awareness of the method amongst the general public and facilitates the continuing education of practitioners.

Assuring the quality of work of our members

In order to be a member of the guild practitioners must complete an internationally- recognised training programme over four years. They are fully insured and accountable to the guild’s code of ethics.

Full members may use the letters FG(UK) after their names. They are eligible to teach group classes and offer individual lessons. Student teachers, once certified to do so after two years of their training, offer only group classes.

Use of Feldenkrais Method® service marked term and logo

Feldenkrais Method® is the registered trademark of the Feldenkrais Guild UK Ltd, Reg No. 1563759.

As a courtesy, any student of a recognised Feldenkrais professional training programme, when given permission by their Educational Director to teach on a provisional basis as a Student Teacher, or any graduate of a recognised Feldenkrais professional training programme, may use the registered trademark whether they are members of the Guild or not. The symbol “®” should appear prominently, and the statement of ownership by the Feldenkrais Guild UK Ltd must also be included.

The logo is the registered trademark of the SFV Schweizerischer Feldenkrais Verband; by arrangement through the International Feldenkrais foundation, members of the Feldenkrais Guild UK (Student Teacher or Practitioner members) may also use the logo. This permission is not extended to non-members of the Guild.

Joining the Guild

There are several types of membership of the guild, with a full range of benefits. Please see the tables below for the details.

Please consider joining us to support our work. To join, please fill out and submit this form

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If you are now enrolled on, or have completed a Feldenkrais Training:

Feldenkrais Guild UK membership categories

Category of membershipEligibilityFee
Full Professional MembersCompleted a recognised training – authorised to teach ATM & FI
Resident in the UK
(£60 in 1st full yr after graduation)
Overseas Professional MembersCompleted a recognised training – authorised to teach ATM & FI
Not resident in the UK
Student Teacher Members / Overseas Student Teacher MembersEnrolled in a recognised training
Authorised to teach ATM
Resident or working in UK (Student Teachers) / Not resident or working in the UK (Overseas Student Teachers)
StudentsEnrolled in a recognised training
Resident or training in the UK
Friends (lay members)Any friends wishing to further the interests of the Guild in the UK. (This may include some practitioners who do not wish to be full members.)£25

Feldenkrais Guild UK member benefits

Benefits for all members

  • Are part of the Feldenkrais community
  • Receive the monthly members email bulletin about Guild activities, events and opportunities
  • Have access to log into the members portal on the website, which includes Resources, Articles, and the Calendar of Events
  • Can join the private Guild Facebook discussion group
  • Have access to the Guild’s postal Lending Library which includes books, videos and CDs **
  • Can take part in low-cost Guild Day events for skill sharing, knowledge exchange and discussion, at the discretion of the trainer(s) *
  • Have use of the IFF facilities, and can apply a Guild members discount to items bought from IFF if qualified

Additional benefits for certain categories of members

The table shows additional benefits for Full Professional members, Student Teacher members and Overseas Professional members.

BenefitsFull Professional MembersStudent Teachers / Overseas Student TeachersOverseas Professional Members
Option to upload your own profile, website and contact details to the Guild website for public visibility
Option to upload your listings of classes & workshops to website for public visibility
Access to Guild Facebook team to promote articles about the Method and your events
Have voting rights on the Guild committee
Have voting rights at the AGM
Can enrol on Guild organised advanced training courses√*
Can apply for fee assisted places available for Guild organised trainings
Are entitled to apply for grants to the Members Project Fund

* Some training days or courses are only suitable for those who have completed the full training or have completed the first 2 years of the training

** Overseas members are not able to use the library because of postal costs. Friends cannot take out Amherst materials.

Please contact the membership administrator membership@feldenkrais.co.uk if you have any queries.