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Kristin Fredricksson

BA Hons, MA Drama Practice as Research
Feldenkrais Training: Paris 2007
12 Puckle Lane, CANTERBURY CT1 3JX
• 07900 340 663
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• https://kristinfredricksson.com

Individual lessons: In Canterbury, Mon 9am - 11.15am and 2-3.30pm, Tues 8.45am-9.45am and 11.15am - 3.30pm, Wed 9am - 11.30am, Thurs 9am - 2.30pm, Sat 10.30am-11.30am. Free parking nearby.
I have worked with a range of people from all walks of life and all ages, from 2 to 80. Most are adults, either with a specific area they want to address, such as chronic pain or repetitive strain, or simply with a desire to explore their potential. As a theatre performer, I am especially interested in working with people from the performing arts – actors, dancers, musicians and so on, and have given workshops for performers at the universities of Cambridge, Kent, Essex and Queen Mary London.
I am a performer, theatre-maker, researcher and mother. In the 90s, I did a degree in Philosophy and History of Art, trained as a performer at the Lecoq School in Paris and worked in theatre, performing and directing in France and Portugal until 2008. I founded my theatre company, Beady Eye, in 2009 and toured nationally and internationally until becoming a mum in 2013. I came to Feldenkrais through my performance work. It was transformational for me in terms of avoiding injury and opening up creative pathways. Currently I am writing up my PhD on Feldenkrais and puppetry, whilst mothering and returning to my Feldenkrais practice.