Pregnancy is a time of dynamic change and growth.  From the moment of conception, your body is beautifully adapting to carry and nurture your growing baby. Each pregnancy is unique and has a rhythm, pace and story of its own. And it is a rich time to get to know yourself in new and different ways. 

The Feldenkrais Method can support you through the changes and challenges of pregnancy making for a more comfortable, personal and empowering experience. 

Feel comfortable, move with ease

Feldenkrais practitioners can help pregnant people to find relief from aches or pain in back, pelvic girdle or ribs. The method helps you discover how to move with less strain on your joints and soft tissues so that movement feels easy and less effortful. You will explore new ways to move in harmony with your changing centre of gravity.  As a result, you will feel less fatigue and more comfort even as your pregnancy progresses.

Experience deep relaxation and growing confidence

This inward, gentle movement approach helps to deepen your connection with your body, with yourself and with your baby. You become more in tune with your body’s innate wisdom. As the lessons give you an experience of profound relaxation, your nervous system becomes calmed and you gain in confidence. You feel present and grounded, able to journey towards birth and parenthood with greater ease and flexibility.

Try a lesson

With any of these lessons, please stay tuned to your needs and comfort. Rest any time. Feel free to choose an alternative position. For example, you can choose to lie on your side, or sit – if lying on your back does not suit you.  You can come onto knees and forearms if the all-fours position is not comfortable. Use padding when it helps to cushion you on the floor. For example, pad under your knees if you are asked to kneel. Pad between your legs if you are lying on your side.