Ageing with vitality

You’d think we’d get better at ageing as life goes on. But as we get older, we start to lose things — the ends of sentences, status as a working person, friends, relatives and confidence in our balance.   Feldenkrais is wonderfully designed to help us age with vitality — physically and mentally.

Move more comfortably

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes do not involve stretching or effort and the intention is to avoid pain. The movements are done slowly, with curiosity and awareness, without the need for physical strength and power.  So, Feldenkrais will help you break free of habitual, restrictive movement patterns and to move more easily.

Think more clearly

We know that the more active we are, the better we feel. Feldenkrais uses movement to enrich our brains and keep us learning. In a lesson you slow down, concentrate, use your imagination and solve physical puzzles – boosting awareness and creativity.

Accessible for all

A set of individual (Functional Integration) lessons can give specific help for age-related limitations. And if you can’t easily get onto the floor to join in with ATM classes then one-to-one work with a skilled practitioner can help you solve that. 

I don’t know where I’d be without Feldenkrais, following an accident and a couple of breaks – on top of age-related wear and tear.

What I’ve learned through Feldenkrais has seeped into my consciousness and kept me moving. The flexibility I have in my neck, shoulders and ribs… has reduced pain and compensated for loss of mobility in my legs. I might not be able to run or jump like I used to, but I can walk, garden, swim and generally enjoy life – including Feldenkrais classes.

Fran E

I am walking much more easily and more fluidly and normally can walk much further with pleasure. This is jolly good for happiness, health and vitality.

Gill V