Performing arts

Feldenkrais Method for the performing arts

For a long and healthy working life a performing artist needs physical resilience, mental stamina, and well-organised and efficient self-use.

Musicians, actors, dancers and performers all over the world enjoy the rich benefits that the Feldenkrais Method has to offer. Whatever your discipline, if you improve the quality of your movement you can improve the quality of your performance.

Physical performance

Feldenkrais can help to overcome and prevent performance-related injuries; and provide relief from minor aches and pains. With Feldenkrais, performers learn to reduce tension and effort, leading to a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

More ease

The method can enhance coordination and improve the quality and range of movement.  It can lead to effortless posture, greater ease and pleasure in playing and performing. Working with the Feldenkrais Method helps to relieve stress and performance anxiety.

Enhanced creativity

Artists, writers and performers find that this method increases mental clarity and enhances learning, creativity and artistic expression.

…all creative people do things in their own way. Painters, mathematicians, composers, and everybody else who has ever done anything worthwhile, always had to learn to paint, think, and compose—but not in the way they were taught.

They had to learn and work until they knew themselves sufficiently to bring themselves to the state of spontaneity in which their deepest inner self could be brought up and out.

Moshe Feldenkrais