Neurological issues

Whether you were born with a neurological issue or developed one later, the Feldenkrais Method can help you improve your function. Learning through movement is possible even after a neurological diagnosis. We know this because of the phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. 

Focus on learning

A Feldenkrais practitioner will work with you as a whole person who has the capacity to learn and grow. They will not focus on what you may have lost, correct you, or tell you how you should be.

They will help you to map out more and more of yourself so that you can expand what we refer to as your ‘self-image’. You will be helped to move beyond your restrictions, discover new ideas and employ new strategies.

Improved function for everyday

You will develop your curiosity and notice more about the way you do things. These abilities will help you improve whatever daily functions are important to you. That could be balance, breathing, walking, getting up from a chair, turning over in bed, bathing, running or swimming. 

More resilience, fewer symptoms

With regular sessions you will develop resilience so you may recover faster, experience fewer troublesome symptoms such as pain, fatigue, spasticity, freezing or falling. 

Feldenkrais practitioners work with those living with a wide range of neurological conditions. These include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, stroke and cerebral palsy. 

I am 68 & have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease for 18 years.  This is managed by medication but also, most importantly, by movement which gives me a feeling of control. 

The Feldenkrais method… allows experimentation of movement to happen without effort.  It helps me maintain my mobility & balance & can be practised anywhere throughout the day…

There is absolutely no competitive element & no need to over-exert yourself or compare with others.  It gives you time to focus on your own movement & to feel the changes you can experience during the session which can be illuminating

Jane T