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Dianne Hancock

MA, B.Ed(Hons), FG(UK), PG Dip (Research) FHEA, Qualified Yoga Teacher
Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2010
• 07708 055 309


Classes: Monday mornings & evenings, Wednesday mornings & evenings,& Thursday evenings.
Workshops: First Saturday in every month in Sheffield. Also invited workshop events around the UK. Please email for details
Individual lessons: Currently, I have a weekly schedule of online 1:1 sessions as well as face to face FIs.
I am particularly interested in helping people to deal with movement problems that can arise from the type of work they do or the type of exercise they take. I have also developed work with people living with Parkinson's, Dystonia, MS. MND and recovering from stroke. I work with individuals from many walks of life for whom efficient movement is important. These include musicians, dancers, runners and walkers; yogis and anyone interested in moving better. I am also a qualified yoga teacher with an additional training in working with people experiencing cancer.
For 25 years, I worked in professional theatre as an actor, director, writer and teacher. In 1995, I suffered a back injury that left me immobile for 6 weeks. I recovered but was left feeling very stiff and nervous of moving. As an active person, this was disastrous! Luckily, I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method by another theatre director and I was amazed at how quickly I not only recovered but improved my range of movement as well as my confidence and self esteem. After several years of incorporating the Feldenkrais Method into my rehearsal work with actors, I undertook the four year Teacher training and graduated from the Sussex V training in March 2010.
Based in Sheffield, I have an individual client list, as well as teaching several Feldenkrais classes each week.
I am an active member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK and for the last 12 years have edited the Members' Journal and online Bulletins. I have written & presented extensively on aspects of The Feldenkrais Method in academic journals and at conferences, including a TEDx lecture.
I have also been a yoga practitioner for 20 years and in 2018 finally decided to train as a yoga teacher. My weekly yoga classes are a form of yoga that contains many elements of the Feldenkrais Method.