01 January 2005 - Personal stories
collected by Caroline Hasler, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Personal Experiences with the Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method has improved my mobility and stamina and, as an ex-professional dancer who has sustained injuries, the lessons have helped the healing process. I can now take pleasure again, in rambling, dancing and enjoying life to the full, as a very active person.

Brenda Nicholas; Ex-professional dancer

I went to see a Feldenkrais practitioner with neck problems associated with my job as a typist. Through the hands-on work and choice of exercises, I have found my pain very much relieved.

Sophia Pozansky; Typist, The Royal Sussex County Hospital

I always leave the Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement class with an overall feeling of well-being and sense of future possibility.

Damien Moor

After the Feldenkrais workshop on the Inset Day [in school] I was really excited about how helpful this could be in enabling students better access to the curriculum by improving drawing skills (freer movement of arms, hands, body) and the link with study skills/brain gym type exercises. I would certainly be interested in investigating this further.

Linda Baker; Teacher

Right from the first [hands-on] Feldenkrais sessions I started to gain insights into basic human anatomy, physicality and movement and their bearing on function and dysfunction. This not only complimented my medical knowledge, but also gave me a depth of sensitivity and feeling that I had not previously appreciated.

Dr. Martin Morris; General Practitioner

As someone who has suffered from osteoarthritis for nearly twenty years, I have had recourse to a number of therapists of various types. I am now convinced that the most reliable and lasting therapy for conditions like my own is one which focuses on correcting patterns and habits of movement that are inappropriate, which create muscular tension and pain. After a series of [hands-on] sessions I developed a great respect for the Feldenkrais Method. The sessions helped me achieve some genuine insights into my stiffness and pain, insights that really helped.

Mutahar Williams