15 February 2021 - Personal stories
Ian C

My awareness of body movements and connections

I have a neurological condition called CMT. My genetic makeup is not sufficiently developed to promote muscle growth and strength is limited in arms and legs. Balance is poor and grip and dexterity are limited. The disability mainly affects my lower leg and I need rigid silicone orthotics fitted on my feet to stop foot drop and enable me to walk easily without falling down.

I was told that Feldenkrais would help me, but how that was possible as my condition was genetic and incurable? The physical changes in my legs and arms could never be made, but the way my brain and mind reacted to my physical state, the way I thought about it and reacted to it, was the way that Feldenkrais helped me.

Any physical exercise which required standing and using lower leg, co-ordination and balance had always been difficult. As I reached my 50s then 60s, my condition had ruled it out completely.

Being able to have floor-based movement and co-ordinated physical actions, was a great opportunity for enabling a thoughtful and rational approach. This idea of how mind and body work as a joined whole was a revelation to boost my spirit and confidence about my physical life.

Feldenkrais was a boost to my internal awareness of body and mind working together to give support and inner strength, where physical strength could never be given. After each session I walked away with more a confident stride and self-assured manner.