15 March 2021 - Personal stories

Feldenkrais after spinal surgery

I was introduced to Feldenkrais over twenty years ago by a group of unusual and open minded Bobath neurological physiotherapists, who were treating me following radical spinal surgery, which had left me with significant neurological deficit and complex problems.

Before my surgery I had been very active; regular Iyengar yoga, swimming, weight training, cycling and hill walking, plus annual ski trips and a demanding job. I knew my body well and thought I was connected to every part of it.

A weekend Feldenkrais course with ATM sessions and an FI changed everything and I have been an advocate for Feldenkrais ever since.

It has:

  • Helped me connect with parts of my body that my brain no longer recognises.
  • Taught me the value of the smallest movements, even when I am unable to feel them.
  • To imagine movement and change a problem within a limb or part of my body.
  • Encouraged me to trust my body again. Improved my emotional & psychological reactions to chronic pain.
  • Rediscover myself and enjoy a new form of exercise.
  • Bring about a state of calm or quiet within my body when it is “noisy inside”.
  • Be positive about life as a disabled person.
  • Allowed me to move and maintain my independence.