Abbe Harris

MSc, RAD T.Dip
Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2008

11 Herbert Place, DUBLIN 2

+353 87 418 0646
Classes: Online for now
Workshops: Saturday / Sunday - every 6/8 weeks in DUBLIN city centre & KILLARNEY, Co. KERRY
Individual lessons: 11 Herbert Place, DUBLIN 2


I enjoy working with a wide variety of people, many coming with back, neck/shoulder, and hip pain, postural and movement limitations. I also work with specific areas of interest including performance (musicians, actors) and sport (runners, climbers, golfers, swimmers) and pre & post-natal care.I am based in Dublin, Ireland, and also work regularly in Co. Kerry (south west Ireland).


I have been working as a movement / somatic educator since 1998. My interest in somatic education began in dance college, where I was introduced to various mind-body awareness approaches, including Ideokinesis, and Alexander Technique. I also trained in Pilates, and was a co-founder & director of Dublin Pilates Studio from 2002, before moving full-time into Feldenkrais practice from 2006. I began attending Feldenkrais classes in 2001, and later, after a back injury, took a course of FI lessons (with practitioner Sabine Volkmann). I found the sessions unlike any other bodywork I had experienced; they opened up a whole new world of movement for me – even after so many years spent working with my body. After recovering from the injury much stronger than before, I enrolled on a Feldenkrais training (Amsterdam 2005-08), and established Feldenkrais Dublin in 2006.I am a member of Feldenkrais Ireland, and the Feldenkrais Guild UK.When not working, I spend most of my time climbing!