Adele Long

Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2016
01309 673 354
Classes: Weekly classes in Moray IV36 - Tuesday afternoon and early evening and Wednesday evenings.
Workshops: Saturday mornings, monthly in Inverness. Occasional workshops in Moray.
Individual lessons: Weekdays and Saturday mornings in Forres, Moray, IV36. First Saturday of the month in Inverness, Highland.


Classes and individual sessions are are open to all, and suitable for any level of current movement skill. Please get in touch to book a place or to be added to my mailing list.


After ten years struggling with difficult and painful movement and repeated injuries (falls, sprains, dislocations) I found most kinds of movement a struggle and sometimes even quite frightening. Basic things such as walking or turning pages in a book were becoming quite hard to do. I was unable to find a lasting solution through physiotherapy or hospital treatment and the things which did help, such as osteopathy, only helped for a short while before I had to go back again for another treatment.

From the moment I did my first Feldenkrais class (around 8 years ago) my life was transformed. Through working with the method I've been able to totally turn around what I am able to do. I am now injury free, enjoying movement and can do more things than I ever dreamed possible – all without pain or fear.

Having been given an an "it's all downhill from here" medical diagnosis, I feel so grateful to the Feldenkrais Method for the freedom and joy with which I am able to live now. My passion for this method lead me to enrol on the 4 year Feldenkrais Practitioner Training and I am now delighted to be able to offer classes and indivdual sessions to help others learn to move with ease!