Alan Caig Wilson

MA(St And),MFA(Birkbeck),Adv Dip Drama (RWCMD),Cert d'Etudes (Ecole Lecoq)
Feldenkrais Training: Berlin 2001

7/2 Bonnington Terrace, Newhaven Road, Edinburgh EH6 4BP

07782 190 615
Classes: Weds AM in person, Studio 6.02, Edinburgh EH7; Tuesday evening, Weds PM, Thursday AM online
Workshops: Studio 6.02, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh
Individual lessons: St Margaret's House, Edinburgh & Lawford House Pool, Manningtree, Essex


I am based in Edinburgh, travel once a month to Manningtree in Essex and occasionally to Mumbai

My practice is open to everyone.

I have worked and continue to work with a broad range of people. My current clients include someone who is on a long journey to recover their walking after a riding accident, someone living with the results of a stroke, a child with cerebral palsy and someone experiencing complex neurological issues in their head and neck.


I first encountered Feldenkrais during my theatre training in Paris. Many years later, my Feldenkrais teaching is infused with the fascination, joy, humour and the sensation of limitless expansion of life forces that accompanied this first encounter.

I began my teaching working with high-performance bodies and minds. For almost 15 years I taught Feldenkrais to second-year and post-graduate dancers at London Contemporary Dance School, and as part of my teaching stints at Theatre Schools in the South East of England. Concurrently I collaborated for 9 years on Summer Schools and practitioner-training programmes for the Polish Institute for Choreotherapy in Poznan.

As an Arts Educator, I currently work with young creatives - applying somatic approaches with young writers, historians and thinkers exploring their historical environment.

In 2020 I was diagnosed with PPMS - probably had it for most of my life. But for most of my active adult life I have had some contact with Feldenkrais - during my theatre training, followed by my Feldenkrais training and the 20-odd years until now. MRI scans and anecdotal evidence suggest to me that Feldenkrais has been an active counter-measure against the effects of de-myelinisation - allowing me to lead an active life that continues to surprise my specialist at the Anne Rowling Centre in Edinburgh.

I believe that there is a state of being that is achieved through the Feldenkrais Method that allows a human not only to find the workaround for many of the obstacles that life can throw at its body, but also allows those workarounds to be achieved in a state of positivity. We smile or breathe more easily when we find solutions to things. Feldenkrais produces smiles and easier breathing and brings us to a sense of ourselves that is fundamentally able to find solutions. It is not about becoming resilient, but recognising that we are that. Resilience and adaptability is in-built into every cell of our body. Feldenkrais activates those processes.

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Online: Feldenkrais for Anti-fragility


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