Alex Croft

BA Hons Dance Theatre
Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2002


01273 567 871


I teach classes to the public, at Central School of Speech and Drama in London and at my local Headway centre for people with head injuries.

Individual clients range from children with trauma and mobility problems, through adults with pain and restricted mobility, to skilled movers – dancers, actors, yoga teachers and pilates trainers – people who are looking for new perspectives and expanding possibilities, for moving through life with greater comfort, grace and elegance.


My background is in dance, and through that I explored many approaches and ways of training the body. For me Feldenkrais is the only perspective that I have come across that not only acknowledges the role of the mind and perception, but also puts the relationship of body and mind so much at the centre that it dissolves the boundaries between them.

Through training as a practitoner, many of the key aspects of how we learn, and how we as human beings learn to learn, became increasingly compelling; it became clear that this work could keep me fascinated for the rest of my days!

I love what the Feldenkrais Method has done for me and what I am able to invite into other people's lives; that is, a sense of being able to move and be in the world in a more and more unified and complete way.

I attend training programmes as an Experienced Practitoner and my ambition is to be able to train the future generations of Practitoners.