Anne Robertson

Feldenkrais Training: Lewes 2012

18 Hermitage Road, MANCHESTER M8 5SP

07951 728 862
Classes: Weekly classes Friday 12.45-1.45 and 2pm-3pm Bodywise Manchester
Workshops: Saturdays more or less monthly


I'm interested in how to make the Feldenkrais Method accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.


I spent almost 40 years as a specialist physiotherapist in neurology in the NHS .I was particularly involved with people living with long term conditions such as multiple sclerosis,those with rarer hereditary conditions or rapidly progressing conditions such as motor neuron disease.This led me into neuro-palliative care.I was introduced to FM by a physiotherapy colleague and was so intrigued by the changes I experienced in my myself that eventually I joined the 2008 professional training in Sussex.Perhaps the most important thing I had learned from the patients and families I had worked with is how adaptive and resilient we are.It was a joy to discover how the Feldenkrais Method could access this potential without judgement or correction and provide some improvement, ease or comfort in even the most difficult context.Since retiring from the NHS I have concentrated on making Awareness through Movement accessible to the widest possible range of people.I was the first and to my knowledge the only NHS physio to be financially supported in undertaking the Feldenkrais training,I look forward to the day when this extraordinary work is a routine part of our approach to health and well being



13:00 - 14:00

Awareness Through Movement


  • 07951 728 862
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13:00 - 14:00

Awareness through Movemnt class


  • 07951 728 862
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  • Please email to join this class