Doris Siu Foon Fok

Feldenkrais Training: Lisbon 2022


Classes: Online -Zoom classes : Monday 7pm and Friday 9am


I was born in 1971 in Hong Kong and my parents gave me the auspicious name ‘Siu Foon’ which means ‘Smile Joy’. I believe they wanted me to have a life filled with more joy and laughter than they had themselves, having escaped from the poverty of China in 1962. Upon earning a university degree, I embarked on a career as a schoolteacher, believing in the power of personal growth through education. 10 years later, I was disillusioned with the formal education system in Hong Kong and I switched to another path, becoming a qualified and full time Yoga and Pilates instructor in 2006, incidentally, this was the same year that I experienced my first awareness through movement lesson.
Falling in love with an Englishman switched my path once again. I moved to England in 2007. New life in the UK has given me opportunities to study with inspiring Yoga, Pilates and meditation teachers. I also completed a Professional Diploma with London School of Sports and Remedial Massage in 2012. I have been teaching Yoga and Pilates in both group and private settings and I have very much enjoyed working with people from all walks of life. I spend my spare time rock climbing, running and swimming and all of these disciplines continue to have a powerful impact on how I use my body and mind and how I work with my clients.
I have continued to attend awareness through movement classes, and I became intrigued by the Feldenkrais teachers themselves. Why, I was curious as to know, did they all seem to be so outwardly content and comfortable under their own skins? Could it have something to do with the Feldenkrais method itself? I needed to find out the answer and the only way was to delve deeper into the method, so in 2018 I joined the Feldenkrais professional training (Lisbon 1) under education director Paul Newton. After four years of training and finally graduating this spring (2022), I have gained the first-hand experience of the method and witnessed the transformations of myself and my colleagues, which lies in the change of self-perception and self-image. As a benefactor of the Feldenkrais method I feel I am now more able to see the goodness in me and others, along with the hidden options in everyday living. I dare to say the method has enabled me to smile and find joy in difficult situations.
I am passionate to share this wonderful and powerful method with you, in order to do what Moshe Feldenkrais himself advocated: ‘to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant’.