Edwin Thomas

Feldenkrais Training: London 3 (2020)


07582 836 998
Individual lessons: >Tuesday & Friday evenings, Saturdays & Sundays, at Feldenkrais London, 32-38 Scrutton Street, EC2A 4RQ. I also see clients from my home studio in Kingsland Basin, Haggerston.


The majority of my teaching is one-on-one, although I have taught workshops / classes at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In individual sessions, I work using a mixture of touch & guided movement to help both restore or generate new movement patterns.

I have found these sessions to be fantastic for:

> Athletes suffering from either acute injuries / chronic pain - or simply looking to streamline performance.
> Actors, Musicians & Dancers looking to enhance ease, imagination & creativity in performance.
> Children with Disability (particularly cerebral palsy)
> Mental health: in my experience Feldenkrais is fantastic for people with anxiety, depression, OCD and conditions related to addiction / trauma.

I also specialise in both acute & long-term rehab for foot, ankle & lower leg injuries.

My current rate is £100 per hour.


I came to Feldenkrais in my early 20s when a series of injuries related to the condition I have had since birth - cerebral palsy - left me unable to stand or walk for longer than a few minutes at a time. After exhausting numerous avenues, I was introduced to Feldenkrais: I remember my first session like it was yesterday: not only did it give me a pathway through pain, it opened a door that I didn’t know existed. Ten years on, I am able to play football, tennis, swim & hike pain-free - but perhaps more importantly (and much to my surprise) I find myself able to relate to the world & those around me in new ways.

I have a keen interest in the above: that is, the relationship between kinaesthetic awareness and creativity, the imagination & one’s sense of self. I firmly believe that the Feldenkrais Method is still undiscovered in its potential, & simply put - would encourage everyone to give it a go !

I also work extensively in TV & Film as an actor & screenwriter, whilst in my twenties I worked in Education, teaching English & French. I am currently in the early stages of gaining my tennis coaching badges, & am also in the process of setting up a 'creative hub' that straddles these three arenas - Film, Education & Sport.

I see clients from a large variety of backgrounds, ages, & professions - all with differing reasons for coming: Sports injuries, Chronic Pain, Fine-Tuning of Performance (Sport, Music & Acting), Neurological Conditions & Mental Health.

I am bilingual in French & Portuguese, and in my own time, I love to travel, get outdoors, spend time with family & friends, & eat great grub!

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