Janet Heath

Remedial & Chinese Massage (Tuina)
Feldenkrais Training: Sussex 2014

Birmingham UK

Classes: Classes & workshops throughout the year (see website or call for dates) at the The Meridian Centre Birmingham B13 0JE
Workshops: Occasional Sunday Themed Workshops, at the Meridian Centre - email for details
Individual lessons: ATM/FIs at the Meridian Centre, 834 Yardley Wood Road, Birmingham B13 0JE, by appointment


Massage and movement specialist with continuing interest in the mind/body connection.

My work-focus has always been interested in the connection between mind & body, and throughout the years from first qualifying in 1996, have continued to add to my skills. I qualified in Tuina (Chinese Massage) in the UK and then spent a month at a Chinese teaching hospital in Beijing (to learn how Tuina is used in China). I also gained diplomas in Qi Gong (I teach classes most Thursdays), and in hypnotherapy and NLP as part of extensive training.

Thorough my knowledge and experience of muscular system function – together with the added skills and knowledge of the nervous and skeletal systems gained during my Feldenkrais training – I look forward to helping clients obtain & maintain more flexibility in both mind & body, especially in their later years.

As clients are becoming more aware of how they move, and the possibilities within the patterns and sequences of the Method, they are more interested in helping themselves than "being fixed" by a third party.