Juliana Brustik

BA, Dance and Art, Middlesex University
Feldenkrais Training: London 2015
Classes: Tuesday lunchtime online, Wednesday lunchtime in E8 studio, Thursday evening online
Workshops: Several times a year in Central London
Individual lessons: E5 8LQ and home visits


I run two weekly ATM classes as well as small private classes. I also hold several workshops a year in and outside London. I enjoy collaborating with practitioners of other movement or mindfulness methods: I regularly run residentials and workshops together with the Alexander teacher Judy Hammond and last year I collaborated several times with Sound Bath practitioner Mona Mock. The students in my classes and private practice (Functional Integration) come from all walks of life and cover a wide age range. Clients bring with them a variety of conditions and interests, including Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, Autism, Fibromyalgia, looking for rehabilitation support after knee and hip operations, dancers, sports enthusiasts and musicians keen on improving their performance skills.


I have been working as a dance tutor, performer and creator for over 30 years in community dance in the UK and abroad. I am also a fully qualified Feldenkrais as well as Bones for Life practitioner. I have always been interested in exploring various body awareness and somatic methods to deepen my understanding of the body/mind connection, to enhance my own creative work and teaching and my own overall well being. Many years ago I came across the Feldenkrais Method and took part in workshops and residentials with Barbara McCrea and Scott Clark amongst others. The Feldenkrais Method was a revelation to me! Having the permission during group lessons to listen to myself and follow my own pace whilst exploring some unusual movement connections felt like coming home to me. I experienced a deep release emotionally as well as physcially. This experience was most empowering. I knew I wanted to study this method and gain a deeper understanding of it. Once I heard that the second Feldenkrais Training in London had been arranged under the direction of Elizabeth Beringer I immediately applied to be a trainee. I find the Feldenkrais Method to be most useful as an ongoing tool to explore and widen my knowledge of how humans function and learn. I regard this as one of the best 'pension' investments: the Feldenkrais Method is a very practical and accessible way to keep body and mind flexible, curious and full of vitality.



12:00 - 13:00

Awareness Through Movement with the Feldenkrais Method



10:00 - 11:00

Feldenkrais Group lessons


  • Pembury Community Centre, ground floor studio, 1 Atkins Square, Dalston Lane (corner of Pembury Rd), London E8 1FA
  • 07780822843
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20:00 - 21:00

Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement