Julie Wrigley

BA (Hons)
Feldenkrais Training: London 2020

68 Ouse Lea, YORK YO30 6SA

07817 362 281
Classes: Thursday mornings, York // Saturday mornings, online, trial class free
Workshops: Saturdays or Sundays, every 2-3 months, York // Fridays, Mindful Moves course for York-resident social prescribing clients
Individual lessons: In York, in-person. Also online. By arrangement.


I teach a wide variety of people of all ages (20s to 80s) and abilities, including people recovering from pain, illness or injuries, people wanting relief from stress and tension, as well as those who simply wish to develop themselves to move and live more freely.

I work with local GPs, the council and voluntary sector to offer lessons to eligible York residents with long-term pain, movement or anxiety conditions. This is part of the local social prescribing offer and enables me to give tailored support in very small group sizes.

I have chosen the name Smooth Moves Lab for my practice because I hope the results of my lessons will be smooth, easy movement experiences for the students. And I see the classes as providing a lab for students’ exploration of their whole self (mind and body), with movement as the medium.


Over a decade ago, I was introduced to Feldenkrais by a former Pilates teacher and instantly enjoyed the feelings of wellbeing and ease that I experienced at the end of class. I attended weekly class ever since.

As a ‘non- sporty’ person, I enjoy activities that allow for personal exploration rather than competitive achievement. So Feldenkrais suits me perfectly – in class, students are encouraged to be interested only in their own movement experience. There is no comparing with others, nor even any demonstrations by the teacher. Students are allowed time to develop sensitive awareness of how they are moving. In Feldenkrais, awareness of movement is the primary tool for improving it. As the originator Moshe Feldenkrais said: “When you know what you are doing you can do what you want.”

From his judo days, Feldenkrais had a masterful understanding of how to move effortlessly in the medium of gravity. When I do an Awareness Through Movement lesson, I can experience unexpected similar moments of magic as tension melts away, leaving me feeling free and weightless. This is what has kept me coming back for more!