Katharina Hesse

Yoga, Pilates, Bones for Life, Women's, Digestive, Pelvic Floor Health, Medical Herba
Feldenkrais Training: London 2020

Hither Green, London

07483 857 389
Individual lessons: South East London (Hither Green) and Suffolk


General Health and also special conditons: Digestive health. Women's health, especially menopause, intimate and bone health. Lymphoedema and Lipoedema. As a cancer survivor I also support people undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment.


Movement is my passion. I love seeing how movement can help people recover from so many health issues and how it can lift our mood, restore our vitality and empower us. I am qualified in various forms of movement. Apart from somatics and Feldenkrais, I am also trained in Yoga, Chi Gong and Pilates as well as a gym instructor (believe me, you can lift weights in a mindful, Feldenkrais way!). I also hold numerous specialist movement qualifications for specific health conditions including a GP referral for back pain and for diabetes and obesity, as well as special trainings in digestive health, women's health, specifically menopause, intimate and pelvic floor health, bone health and for lymphoedema. I am presently studying for a Masters degree in Mindfulness and also hold a certificate in psychosexual counselling and a degree in herbal medicine.

I offer Feldenkrais for general health, wellbeing and healthy aging, as well as part of a treatment protocol for special conditions, particularly intimate, pelvic and sexual health, for healthy bones, urinary and digestive (male and female) health, lymphoedema and lipoedema and, as a cancer survivor, I also support people who undergo or are recovering from cancer treatment.