Liz Shepherd

Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2008


01904 705 035
Classes: Tuesday mornings & Thursday evenings, York
Individual lessons: Monday - Thursday, York


I have been a movement practitioner in York for 25 years. Having originally trained as a Pilates teacher, I was introduced to the Feldenkrais method in the 1990’s. I knew immediately it would be of great benefit to myself and my clients. I went on to study the Feldenkrais method in Amsterdam with Feldenkrais Trainers, Larry Goldfarb & Arlyn Zones in 2005.

The method has attracted clients to my practice from all walks of life. Many, originally referred to me via their physiotherapist or osteopath due to postural habits causing pain, find new ways of moving which relieve the pain. My former Pilates clients found it made an incredible difference to how they noticed their movements and the exercises became easier as they found new strategies, thereby learning more about themselves and gaining an improvement in their general sense of well-being too. The variety of different lessons and breadth of learning in the Feldenkrais method eventually took over and now I only teach FELDENKRAIS!

I teach weekly Awareness Through Movement lessons and individual Functional Integration sessions in York.



10:00 - 11:00

Awareness Through Movement


  • Acaster Malbis Memorial Hall, York
  • 01904 705 035
  • Course starts beginning of September.


19:15 - 20:15

Awareness Through Movement


  • Online
  • 01904 705 035
  • Classes run as courses of 6-8 weeks. Please telephone to book a place.