Liz Shepherd

Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2008


01904 705 035
Classes: Tuesday mornings & Thursday evenings, York
Individual lessons: Monday - Thursday, York


I have been a movement practitioner in York for 20 years. I studied the Feldenkrais method in Amsterdam with Feldenkrais Trainers, Larry Goldfarb & Arlyn Zones.

The method has attracted clients to my practice from all walks of life, young & old. Many have been referred to me via their physiotherapist or osteopath due to postural habits causing pain. Others have come to improve their performance in their professional field: musicians, dancers, athletes; or in their hobby: runners, tennis players, golfers. For some, the attraction is the improvement in their general sense of well-being.

The method uses the brain's ability to learn & form new patterns and this continues to amaze me, both personally and professionally. It is wonderful to witness a client discovering the joy of movement performed more efficiently and easily.

I teach weekly Awareness Through Movement lessons and individual Functional Integration sessions.