Nikhila Em Ludlow

Holistic Counsellor
Feldenkrais Training: Biel-Neuchatel 2005

1 Blacklers, Park Road, Dartington Hall Estate, Totnes TQ9 6EQ Devon

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I have been in private practice since 2004, both working individually with people, and teaching group classes, often 3 per week, plus offering usually monthly workshops of varying duration. In addition to my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I trained as a Holistic Counsellor and offer Somatic Counselling which was born out of an interest in working with trauma, both physical and emotional, and in noticing how much anxiety/stress can be alleviated by using the sensory experience as a 'healing tool'. I also enjoy giving workshops and talks at events, and I offer mentoring to alternative health practitioners and teachers.


2005 Graduated from Biel/Neuchatel training, Switzerland with Elizabeth Beringer.2006-10 studied extensively with Dr Ralph Strauch PhD, California, U.S.A, in the use of somatic methods, the Feldenkrais Method, and internal martial arts, for working with emotional trauma.

2013 graduated as Holistic Counselor, registered with SIAF Italia, with Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover founders of and Included certification in Authentic Leadership, Relationship Counselling, Advanced Counselling.
1995-2006 certified Osho Active Meditation facilitator, Osho Talking to the Body/Mind facilitator, Osho Tantra teacher, Reiki I & II, Therapeutic and Ayurvedic Massage.

1985 Yoga entered my life: British Wheel, Iyengar, and Ashtanga Vinyasa styles, culminating in 3 years teaching til at a crossroads I quit in order to do justice to teaching Feldenkrais ATM.
1983-1992 worked as a Cook on large Sailing yachts and in London – during which time I did about 30,000 miles at sea. I grew up with horses, had my own and competed to a national level in eventing. I trained to work with young/problem horses.

1982 BEC National Diploma in Business Studies for Agricultural secretaries
1979 British Horse Society Assistant Instructor. Other influences: Meditation, Inquiry work (Diamond Approach with the Ridhwan School), Chi Kung, Tai Chi, ShinTaiDo, Ki Aikido, Latihan/Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms, Wild Swimming, Surfing and Walking. Summary:The Feldenkrais Method is the best medium I've found for sharing what I've learned about healing the body/mind – the human system. – of which I've had to do plenty myself for myself. My path with Feldenkrais began in 1995 someone showed me a simple technique to help my neck pain resulting from a riding accident – later, I learned that it was from Feldenkrais and went on to study professionally. This simple, 5 minute, technique changed my life. Immediately, I had some control over the physical pain for the first time in, I felt empowered and in more control of my life again. I could use by myself, anywhere, anytime. I began to see that a future without pain as the ruler of my life, was possible.That was how Dr. Feldenkrais defined a healthy person – "a healthy person has the ability to recover quickly and easily from the knocks and shocks that life brings, and dares to aspire to his vowed or unavowed dreams". (I am paraphrasing here...) I enjoy sharing what I have since learned -it is my passion, my profession, and my pension! I know it will help me grow older more gracefully and provide me with much inspiration along the way. In 2018, 2019 & 2020 I was the Organizer for David Zemach-Bersin's Advanced Trainings in the UK although the 2020 one was eventually held online due to the Coronavirus. Each year I update my skills by attending various Advanced Practitioner Trainings. "The improvement a human being can gain through movement is open-ended." - Dr M. F.



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