Rainer Knupp

Diploma in Dance, BA, New Dance Development, JKA Tergernsee 2016
Feldenkrais Training: Amsterdam 2008

5 Southborough House, Kinglake Street London SE17 2LJ,

07716 959 541
Classes: Thursday mornings in Lee/Lewisham
Individual lessons: London EC2M 5TU + SE12 8LP


Individual lessons/One2One sessions are being held at Health in the City near Liverpool Street Station, as well as at the Complementary Health Centre in Lee/Lewisham where I teach a weekly class.
Many clients came to me for help who lost their fitness for one reason or another. This often happens through carrying old injuries and long term habits in using their body. Their main wish was of course to be pain free, but also to find their own strength again. Feldenkrais can help by approaching the person as a whole, starting with no demand or challenge as such, so the client has a chance to restore and come back to a positive attitude. Through kinesthetic learning and finding balance between effort and ease, the client has a chance to look at the body in a new way and find new range in movement.


As a Feldenkrais teacher I am a fully accredited member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild having completed the Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Teacher Training in 2008 and the Jeremy Krauss Approach training for children in 2012. 
 Originally from Munich, Germany, I live in London for over 20 years. Before I became a Feldenkrais teacher, I worked professionally as a full time dancer for many years. In my professional life as a dancer. Feldenkrais has helped me to experience the body’s potential for dynamic movement and to use the body in a much more refined way. Since early this year, I am teaching ATMs for a group of young dancers in the choreographer Yun Cheng’s PhD project ‘Nurturing the process’ at the Laban/Trinity college in London.
 Besides my Feldenkrais practice, I also work as a creative facilitator for inclusion and elderly groups with the London based arts organisation Entelechy Arts. I love to work creatively, particularly in settings where the movement and music have a direct impact on everyone involved…together with much fun and experiencing new things.



10:00 - 11:00

Rainer Knupp


  • 174 Manor Lane, Lee, London, SE12 8LP
  • 07716 959 541
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