Sabine Schmid Blackaby

Child'Space practitioner/Co-trainer
Feldenkrais Training: Florence 1997

Unit 4, 20-26 Round Hill StreetBRIGHTON BN2 3RG

07708 044200
Classes: Tuesday lunch time & evening; Wednesday evening; Thursday morning, Brighton (in person or online)
Workshops: Weekends as advertised
Individual lessons: Unit 4, Brighton


In my classes and private practise I work with a variety of people with different backgrounds. Some people are looking to move more comfortably in daily life, others have a special interest in yoga, dance, sports, drama or music.

A lot of people I see have movement restrictions and/or are in pain. But I also work with babies/children and their parents and with people with various neurological conditions.


Working as a kindergarten teacher in Switzerland and through my own personal process, I became aware of how important movement is in human development and learning. After various experiences in Dance, Medau Rhythmic, Eutonie and Yoga, I came into contact with the Feldenkrais Method and was fascinated by its unique combination of movement, psychology and learning. I decided to enrol in a professional Feldenkrais training and completed my training with Ruthy Alon in Florence in 1997.

Moving to England in 1996, I began to build my Feldenkrais practice alongside starting a family.

To deepen my understanding of the Method, but also because I believe in supervision for teaching professions, I participated in a three-year Mentoring course with Larry Goldfarb in Amsterdam, graduating in 2006.Between 2011 and 2013, I took part in Chava Shelhav's Child'Space training in Amsterdam which enabled me to gain a much better understanding of how to apply the principles of the Feldenkrais Method to working with babies, infants and their parents. I now run parent and baby courses and work individually with typically developed babies or with babies with special needs or neurological challenges.I further co-assist in the new Child'Space training in Amsterdam.