Susan Dillon

Feldenkrais Training: New York 1998

2 Chedworth StreetCAMBRIDGE CB3 9JF

01223 321 629
Classes: Tuesday morning and afternoon and Thursday afternoon
Workshops: Saturdays 10-1PM monthly, as advertised
Individual lessons: Cambridge


I work with people who have come to Feldenkrais for various reasons but tend to specialize in working with people with illnesses involving the central nervous system, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's. I have a particular interest in these illnesses because of my personal experience with MS.


I grew up in NJ, USA and after college had a diverse worklife mostly involving teaching with other jobs to make ends meet. As part of my MA, I was introduced to Feldenkrais and loved it but it wasn't until 15 years later that the time and money came together and I was able to join a training in NYC.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1994 and started my Feldenkrais training in 1995 because I intuitively felt the Feldenkrais work, as I had previously experienced it, would help ithe nervous system. Now, 12 years later, I am quite sure that the Feldenkrais work has played an important role in the stabilization of my health.