Valérie Fabre

Feldenkrais Training: Paris 2006
Classes: as advertised
Workshops: as advertised, a series of lessons exploring a theme in greater depth


People come to my classes for all kinds of reasons: wanting to expand their movement repertory, looking for ways of improving the activities they do every day, such as sitting or walking, needing to regain a sense of balance, both physical and emotional, after injury and/or surgery. And people who realise that there is no need to wait until "it hurts" to involve themselves in a learning process and to begin a journey of self-exploration and discovery.


I discovered the Feldenkrais Method when I lived in the USA in 1990. An initial workshop got me started on a new path towards self growth. Coming out of decades of "corrective" physiotherapy to deal with asthma and the correlated back problems, the Feldenkrais Method had led me to appreciate the benefits of a harmonious dialogue between bones and muscles. In 2003, still working as a translator and an art tutor, after attending classes and workshops in the USA and in the UK for 13 years, I joined a professional training in Paris. During the training, I have learned that wherever there is a limitation, there is a chance for learning, for opening, for improving, for changing.

What appeals to me most in the Feldenkrais Method, is its gentle and supportive approach. We start with students where they are, and help them become aware of where they are so they can go somewhere new. Somewhere that is a more functional place from which they can carry out all the activities they are involved in. Somewhere that is a more neutral place, a place of restful readiness for action. A place to retreat to, a place to act from.