Victoria Worsley

Feldenkrais Training: Lewes 2007

32 Clovelly Road, Crouch EndLONDON N8 7RH

020 8340 7088
Classes: During Covid I am running 3-4 online classes continuously (see my listings) and 2 in-person classes when possible: Tuesday 7.45pm and Friday 12.00pm in London N8
Workshops: During Covid I am running 3-hour workshops online every month or so. Usually I teach 4-6 a year in central London, mostly close to Euston Station; also workshops for runners or actors as invited!
Individual lessons: London N8


My current practice is very diverse: I have been working with runners, fitness instructors and martial artists; with actors, performers, singers and movement directors; with children with cerebral palsy and those of any age who would like to find a better way to deal with the challenges of (eg) RSI, ME, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke and strains or pain of all sorts. Some wish to deepen their own awareness practices or explore the somatic aspects of emotional issues. Many come from very different walks of life and simply want a better quality of life and to keep doing the things they enjoy through middle and older age. I also work with professional actors and in drama schools – and I very much welcome opportunities for new experiences too.