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Each year for the last several years, the Guild has posted short Awareness Through Movement lessons online as part of International Feldenkrais Week. The entire collection is on this page. You can listen to them here, or better yet, download them and share them with friends & family!
For 2012, we released a single, longer track that became the theme for International Feldenkrais Week.
The perennial question, so necessary to answer but at the same time not so easy to answer, is: What is Feldenkrais? It would be a lot easier if Feldenkrais didn't represent so many different kinds of opportunity to different people; for one, it's a quick solution for injury, for another, it's a resource for skill and learning, for still another, it's a kind of life philosophy. The American Feldenkrais Trainer, Larry Goldfarb, has written a very accessible article that presents his answer: Felden-WHAT? And these short Awareness Through Movement lessons are themselves practical experiential answers. Enjoy them and share them!

We are grateful to The Internet Archive for hosting the audio files.