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Every year, our teachers record lessons for International Feldenkrais Week.

The lessons are here to stream (listen to) or download (keep) for your personal use and to share with friends or family. They are not for commercial use – thank you.

Finding a lesson to suit

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Full catalogue of audio files

Title/Author/Duration/Position Position Description

Starting Young, Feldenkrais & Early Development – A Conversation with Sue Wright

Thomas Wiedmer
35 minutes

A conversation between Sue Wright, body-oriented psychotherapist and author, trained in the Feldenkrais method and Thomas Wiedmer, a Feldenkrais student teacher and architect.

In this conversation you will hear about a project which brings the Feldenkrais Method into a special needs school and how it has a positive impact on the children there, about how important it is to keep learning and continue to be curious in life and about how Feldenkrais movement processes help to balance function and emotion in early and later life.

Reaching with a Soft Hand

Yeu-Meng Chan
19:56 minutes
Sit (chair)

Unwinding the Body Pattern of Anxiety

Kristin Fredricksson
19:32 minutes
On back, Stand

Returning to Hands and Knees

Judit Meixner
22:51 minutes
All fours, On back, Stand

Walking like a Cat (especially for kids)

Emma Alter
16:06 minutes
On back, Stand

Mindful Listening

Maggy Burrowes
28:09 minutes
On back, On side, Sit (chair), Sit (floor)


Alex Frazier
10:40 minutes

Standing on the Highest Point of the Hip

David Warden
15:38 minutes

Exploring the Cat-Cow or Marjayasana Pose

Nikhila Ludlow
19:20 minutes
All fours, On back