Listen to lessons

Every year, our teachers teach and record a lesson especially for International Feldenkrais Week. You can listen to them all here.

To find a lesson to suit you, first click to choose which year you want to explore. You will see the list of lessons from that year. Each lesson has a descriptive name, its duration and the position(s) for doing the lesson.

Feeling is believing. So, don’t just listen. Please follow along and do the lesson’s movements at the same time. For tips on doing the lessons, read this piece from senior trainer Scott Clark.

Note: You can also download the lessons to do again later and to share with friends or family, but these lessons are for personal use only (not commercial). Thank you.

Full catalogue of audio files

Title/Author/Duration/Position Position

Neck Care

Charlotte Seirberg
20:12 minutes
Sit (chair), Sit (floor)

Feeling More Connected

Sabine Schmid Blackaby
18:24 minutes
On back

Freeing and Grounding the Breath

Emma Alter
30:28 minutes
On back

Breathe with Ease

Jackie Adkins
21:42 minutes
On back

Knowledge is Power

Jenny Hill
13:24 minutes

Rolling on the Back

Sabine Riske
13:07 minutes
On back

Inter-Weaving the Back with the Help of the Hands

Sharon Gimpel
20:06 minutes
On back

Release Your Shoulders to Treat Yourself

Susanne Olfs
19 minutes
Sit (chair), Sit (floor)